Aidan Gillen as Tommy Carcetti in The Wire; Dead Soldiers. [ 03.03 ]

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Yes please to more AG in the Wire gifsets. He is insanely hot in that show!

I will! I am currently watching episode three. :3

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mockingbirdbaelish: I haven't even gone near The Wire yet....even though tons of people say it's so good. So thanks for the sets I'm really enjoying them. :)


Awe! Thank you so much! I am really enjoying this show. I have seen the first season but I kinda cheated and went to S3 for obvious reasons. >.>! I’ll be making a set for each episode Aidan is in because, w h y n o t? I am so happy you’re enjoying them. 

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Aidan Gillen as Tommy Carcetti in The Wire; All Due Respect. [ 03.02 ]

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Aidan Gillen as Tommy Carcetti in The Wire; Time After Time. [ 03.01 ]

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Okay, I’m starting to get irritated….with all the Petyr hate, wanting him to die or just have Sansa kick his ass. Ugh, I should have avoided a lot of the SDCC comments this weekend (incl. a friend that cannot understand why I like Petyr’s character at all).

Sophie seems like a nice girl, and I get her wanting her character to be all badass, etc. She is only 18 and many of her fans are young, so I get the appeal of “GO GIRL POWER”.


Can we NOT fuck up Baelish for the sake of doing that? Playing the tired and predictable apprentice bests the master trope? No, no, no. Done to death and back.

Everyone been shitting bricks over her talking about Sansa using her sexuality to manipulate Littlefinger in Season 5. It was bound to happen so I don’t know why it’s such a bloody surprise.

Yeah, they’re moving faster than the books it appears.

My major peeve is I don’t want to see Petyr’s character taken out or turned OOC. Yeah, Sansa has learned from being in KL and from Littlefinger….but to have her suddenly outwit him? That the only way she can do that is solely on sexual manipulation? Please, don’t tell me he’s that stupid.


He would be playing against everything he’s ever been. Petyr has a knack for reading people and knowing how to play them and he’s been playing the game for YEARS. He didn’t get where he is by thinking with his willy. As much as he loved/wanted Cat, his endgame was still top priority (perhaps with her being a possible prize). You don’t think for a moment that he can see right through Sansa’s game? He’s had other women try to manipulate him before, he’s not dumb. I can’t believe he is now suddenly so blinded that he’ll destroy himself all for lust. He even told her ‘Once you know what a man wants, you know who he is and how to move him’. Why tell her that, if he was idiotic enough do it himself? Petyr’s a fairly self aware man. I honestly don’t think Sansa knows what he wants and who he truly is. For everyone that though Cat was his endgame or reason….once she died, that cause could have died with her. Yes, he’s transferred some of those feelings to Sansa, but I think his endgame is still the same with or without Sansa.

Petyr has a contingency plan for his contingency plans. He always has that knowing smile and you can tell the wheels are turning.

Notably, he asks Sansa what she wants and she’s told him a great deal. Her goals haven’t changed really. She needs him more than she realises. But he still hasn’t told her or anyone what he really wants. He’s so vague. “Everything”. Sansa may be a part of that, but she is not the only reason. I still think she’s a means to an end.

I think part of tutoring her, is also observing how smart she is and if she can spar with him ….and if that may make her a threat later on. Speaking about Joffery “Who can trust a friend like that?” “I don’t want friends like me”. He wants predictable ‘friends’ he can manipulate and as soon as one basically starts thinking for themselves, he rids himself of them. If can see through everyone else, I’m having a hard time believing he’s completely blind to Sansa using him.

I’m hoping he’s giving her some leverage to play and maybe let her believe she has power over him. He may lust after her, but if that’s all it is, he would have taken her by now. He is patient, experienced, and weighs every option to be in control. I don’t know if he’s letting her see what she wants to see. He may have dropped his guard in the garden kiss, but after questioning her in her chamber…. I still see him holding the cards.

Why did you save me?

(Oh I doubt you’re concerned about me being executed. I’m not that stupid. Let’s try again)

(Ah, you need me to be your ally…and you reluctantly trust me more than strangers to get you where you need to be)

So you think you know me?

(You KNOW what I want? Really? Interesting… let’s find out)

Do you?

(no answer, eh? Oh, I see ….you think I lust/love you. I may…but you don’t need to know more than you do. And you certainly don’t know my end game. So let’s see where this little sparring takes us. Now, I’ll need to be more wary of how I handle you….because you seem to think you can beat me sooner or later)

His actions in the books after this exchange do not show a man that is an idiot. He is still carefully observing Sansa, teaching her, and controlling the game. He may have her kiss him, etc….but he’s not forcing himself on her. She still isn’t showing that she can play this game without him. He is still the one making the plans, setting up the pieces and knows a helluva lot more of the world and what’s happening in it than she ever will. Does he have a plan for when Dany arrives in Westeros? The white walkers? Tyrion isn’t dead….so he needs to plan for that. Varys is still a threat he needs to watch.

The Petyr Baelish I’ve been reading/watching this whole time doesn’t strike me as a man that could be manipulated so easily by a young girl….even by someone he cares about or just wants. He is always thinking. He doesn’t reveal very much and plays a carefully crafted game. Sansa even mentions how well he plays this game. She is no where near the manipulator he is.

I know this was long winded….but I would really hate to see my favourite character ruined. That I’m having to constantly defend who I think is potentially an outstanding character.

There is so much more potential for great storytelling with him in it to win it.

The Petyr Baelish we’ve been reading/watching is not a TV/teenage fandom service creature. I feel nauseated by the gross way this whole thing is being talked about generally. I’m glad Aidan is so classy about this thing. Somebody has to be. 

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fav character: [kills someone]
me: aw

Hmm S1 Petyr.

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Petyr Baelish in You Win or You Die. [ 01.07 ]

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